Say I Love You This Christmas with OSIM Products 

Show your heartfelt love this Christmas and give hugs with the trusty companion that lets you snooze, massage and cuddle on-the-go.
The holiday season is a perfect time to become fluent in the love languages of those we love the most. Express your love and gratitude this Christmas with gifts of wellness that promise to enrich your holiday season. Discover body-pampering gift ideas from OSIM that provide the ultimate relaxation, and give the gift of well-being.
uDream Pro Well-Being Chair

Elevate well-being experience with the OSIM uDream Pro — The World’s 1st 5-Senses Well-Being Chair.
Show someone just how much they mean to you, give them the gift of well-being with the uDream Pro ($222 per month*), which allows them to measure, monitor and manage their way to a healthier and more blissful lifestyle. 
Measure your stress level, heart and respiration rate with AI BioSensors. 
Monitor your body tension score by keeping tabs on it over time to live a more relaxing life.
Manage your stress level by engaging your 5 senses and immersing in ultimate relaxation. 
Delight all 5 of your senses for the ultimate dreamy experience this Christmastime. Snuggle up with your loved ones and calm your senses with aromatic scents from the uDream ScentPod, or tune in to your favourite Christmas songs with the in-built 3D Surround Sound Speakers. To set an even jollier mood at home, turn up the ambience with dynamic mood lights for total relaxation. 
And while you’re resting and recharging, double the relaxation and pleasure with the 4-Hand Pro Massage — 4 sets of powerful and dynamic massage rollers moving in seamless synchronisation — massaging your upper and lower body in perfect harmony, giving you a wonderful experience. You can also choose to indulge in OSIM signature massage technologies such as the revolutionary V-Hand™ Pro, which emulates hands of professional masseuses to deliver an ultra-realistic knead and grip motion to extract deep muscle knots.
uDiva 3 Massage Sofa 

Your +1 smart sofa to complete your modern home.
Get cosy in the comfort of your own home and relax with a good book as the versatile uDiva 3 — The World’s 1st Smart Sofa ($70 per month*) — caters to your lifestyle needs. The aesthetically pleasing smart sofa not only gives you better posture while sitting, it also has 8 transformation modes that will help you find that perfect snuggling spot while catching up on Christmas movies with your loved ones. 
Not only are you able to fully control the chair’s adjustable position, you can also customise your massage preferences and even download new programs to indulge in a relaxing full-body massage via the uDiva 3 App. 
The compact smart sofa has 15 luxurious looks that will help you stay ahead of the latest interior décor trends. At only 72cm, it makes for the ideal sofa that’s suitable for a home of any size!
uThrone The World’s 1st Gaming Massage Chair

Power up your performance with the World’s 1st Gaming Massage Chair.
Handling chores or errands is one way to prove your love to someone, but if you’re hoping to give the gift of productivity this Christmas, the dynamic uThrone Gaming Massage Chair ($28 per month*) will tick all your boxes. 
Emulating the skilful hands of masseuses, the V-Hand™ massage technology delivers a targeted neck and shoulder massage for effective pain relief. The Lumbar Press glides and presses along the lumbar to relieve back pain while the Shoulder Grip rolls along the contours of your neck and shoulders to ease tension and strain from prolonged hours of sitting. As the year winds down, it’s time for some much deserved R&R. Pull up the recline lever on your uThrone Gaming Massage Chair and experience incredible comfort. 
With its compact design and the ability to recline up to 145º, the gaming chair allows you to rest, work, and celebrate the season at your optimum. The chair also includes built-in Bluetooth speakers, perfect for listening to upbeat Christmas songs while working, or hardcore surround sound while gaming.
uThrone S Gaming Massage Chair (Marvel Edition)

The perfect work-and-play companion (pictured left) to fight aches and pain after prolonged sitting.
Ergonomically designed, the OSIM uThrone S Gaming Chair with customisable massage (Marvel Edition) delivers superior comfort while maximising your performance.
Built for customisable comfort, the uThrone S ($20 per month*) offers an unrivalled sitting experience with a vibration massage that helps to relax tense muscles and improve circulation to combat prolonged sitting. With a multi-tilt mechanism that provides you with the physical support you need when you’re seated at your desk shopping for gifts online during the holiday season, it also comes complete with features such as the 4D adjustable armrest, giving you free rein to customise your seat preferences.
Disney x OSIM uCozy Heart Neck & Shoulder Massager

Feel the pleasures of effective relief with Disney x OSIM uCozy Heart Neck & Shoulder Massager.
Send gifts in the form of hugs to your loved ones this Christmas with the huggable uCozy Heart that’s sure to be a treat for their mind, body and soul. Wireless and portable, the uCozy Heart is the compact solution that provides spot-on relief for tense and aching muscles, wherever you are. It also features 4 ergonomically designed massage nodes with a warmth function that enhances circulation and melts the tension away. 
At just $159 (UP $199), this adorable limited-edition Disney uCozy Heart is that perfect gift to bring up those warm fuzzy feelings this Christmas! A plush, trusty companion to snooze, massage or support any way you want.
uGlow Beauty Series

Unleash your inner beauty with OSIM’s uGlow Beauty Series.
Step up your self-care game this year-end! Enhance your daily skincare regimen with the uGlow Beauty Series — cleansing, nourishing and hydrating for that skin rejuvenation boost! Whether you’re out painting the town red or having a cosy Christmas celebration at home, the uGlow Beauty Series will keep your skin glowing this festive season!
Christmas is the time for indulging the people you hold near and dear. Let the giving begin with gift sets carefully curated to resonate with your loved ones, whatever their love language.
Enjoy this thoughtful and practical Beauty set at just $299 (U.P. $536)!
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*Based on a 36 months instalment payment plan. Prices stated are valid till 2 Jan 2022.