Give the Gift of Wellness with OSIM Products

Give the gift of wellness and express your love and gratitude with body-pampering gift ideas from OSIM. 
uLove 3 Well-Being Chair
With the holidays coming up, everyone is scrambling for vacation and flight deals. Thankfully, with the OSIM uLove 3 Well-Being Chair (promotion price from $194p.m.*), you can skip all the hassle and enjoy all the benefits of a relaxing getaway, curated specially for you by 3 Masters Of Well-Being.
A Dedicated Well-Being Specialist
From the comforts of home, receive a personalised AI stress analysis designed by Dr Thomas Burdon, a globally renowned cardiothoracic surgeon from Stanford University with specialties in heart research and managing stress through cardiovascular monitoring. Via the uLove 3’s biosensors and the latest electrocardiogram technology (ECG), your biometric data will be analysed to determine your personal Body Tension Score and the getaway you need.
A Chiropractic Massage Expert
Next on the itinerary is a customised massage program, every second of which has been perfected by Sato Tsuyoshi, a Japanese Chiropractor with decades of experience. As everyone experiences stress differently, your 20-minute getaway will be personalized with signature moves and intensities that cater to each part of your body, specially crafted for your stress levels and age group.
An Award-winning Atelier
Experience only the finest in a premium seat crafted by Italian design house Pininfarina. Drawing inspiration from their roots as a Ferrari coachbuilder, the uLove 3 places stylish, tactile controls at your fingertips, set within an elegant silhouette with carbonfibre finishing, elevating innovation with sophistication.
The perfect harmony of timeless design, innovative AI technology, and extraordinary massage programs - sit back and enjoy the ultimate in relaxation.
uCozy Momi Neck & Shoulder Massager (Pokémon Edition)
The season gets so much cosier when you can share it with the right companion - one that’s cheerful, warm and comforting, like the uCozy Momi - Neck & Shoulder Massager (Pokémon Edition) (promotion price $179, UP $199).
Choose Convenient Portability
Lightweight and wireless, easily carry your cuddle buddy from bed to couch without worrying about unsightly wires. And with up to 60 minutes of use on a full charge, it’s perfect for hugging while binge-watching your favourite K-Drama.
Choose Warm Relaxation
After a long day, there’s nothing better than some soothing warmth to help enhance circulation and melt away your tension. Lean back into a dual directional kneading massage that replicates a professional masseuse, as 4 ergonomically designed massage nodes give you some much-needed pampering.
Choose Classy Comfort
With all these massage innovations wrapped within a soft, plush cushion, they are so much better than your typical throw pillow. After all, they’re not only designed to soothe your neck, shoulders and back, but to be as stylish and cute as your home decor!
To be your very best, you need a companion that puts your wellness and comfort first. Whichever Pokémon design you choose, you know you’re Choosing The Well-Being You Deserve.
uGlow Beauty Series
You might have your new party outfits ready, but you know your ensemble’s only complete with radiant skin and healthier hair - and for that, you need your OSIM Beauty and Hair Essentials (promotion price from $49).
Trying on holiday looks is more fun with the OSIM uGlow - Beauty Series. Whether it’s a new blush or eyeshadow, your uGlow Cleanse - Facial Cleansing Brush is there at the end of the night, ready to wash away all the impurities with GlowSonic Cleanse Technology and 3 levels of LED light therapy. And for the next morning, there’s always the uGlow Eye - Beauty Eye Massager your secret trick to keep your eyes looking bright after an all nighter!
Getting your party face on can sometimes be stressful, but you never show it. The uGlow IonCare - Galvanic Facial Device uses positive and negative ions to cleanse your skin from within and boost skincare product absorption, so you’re always looking fly and fine. And even as you party hop, you keep that luminous glow on with the uGlow Mist - Portable Facial Humidifier an essential that’s like a hydration mask you can carry around.
uThrone V Gaming Massage Chair
The World Cup is FINALLY happening! For all you football fans who will be staying up late and waking up early, we’ve prepared our own dream team to help you catch the matches in ergonomic comfort!
Most Valuable Player: The OSIM uThrone V Gaming Massage Chair (promotion price from $36p.m.*) 
The only gaming chair with massage functionality - this is the seat in the house you want to cheer your team from. Whether you’re watching on a TV or phone, give yourself the best view and back support with its adjustable height, 4-directional armrest adjustments and spine-supporting S-shaped curve. And with a comfortable 145°wide-angle recline, you can sink back and decompress at half-time with a masseuse-level massage powered by V-HandTM Technology!
Best of all, it’s not only perfect for football season but all year long. The OSIM uThrone V Gaming Massage Chair also comes in other unique and exciting designs, with themes ranging from Transformers to the World Cup.
The Best Supporting Duo: The OSIM Special Edition uThrone V Gaming Massage Chair (World Cup Edition) Headrest & Lumbar
Complete your World Cup viewing strategy with soft-to-touch material and reliable back support. With these upgrades, you can take your fan game to the next level and sport the colours of your favourite team, choosing from five country designs: Argentina, Brazil, England, France, and Germany. With this line-up, it won’t matter which team you’re rooting for. You’re already a World Cup winner when you get to enjoy it in game changing comfort and style.
uSqueez 3 Automatic Smart Leg Massager
During the holiday season, longer queues, racing down aisles and walking around malls can take their toll. But that only makes coming home to your relaxing uSqueez 3 Automatic Smart Leg Massager (promotion price from $27p.m.*) much sweeter.
With the Auto Calf Height Detection, you can sit down and simply relax. Smart kneading plates automatically detect your calf height, delivering post shopping relief directly to your meridian points. Feel your knotted muscles release as your thighs are pushed upwards in a Leg Stretch Massage, and indulge even more deeply with a full leg massage, simply by activating Auto Calf-to-Thigh Flip via Smart App Control.
And with 5 different massage technologies, you can experience true reflexology relief. Breathe in as 360o Roller Nodes perform the finger hold and Tui-Na techniques along the inner and outer sides of your legs. Breathe out as GripKnead Technology emulates the firm hand grip and knead of a professional masseuse, easing out your deep-seated muscle tension. Feel the pleasing pressure of Reflexology Rollers stimulating your vital reflex points, as the Wrap-and-Knead Feet Massage delivers extra comfort and gratification. And with Dual Area Warmth, soothing heat envelopes your feet, calves, and thigh areas - a sensation as enjoyable as it is curative.
After all, if you’re going to be spending more time on your feet, you’ll have even more reason to keep pampering them too!
uZap Arm & uZap Waist Toning Belts
The holidays are a time for indulging, which makes staying in shape a challenge. But with our OSIM uZap Arm and Waist EMS Toning Belts (promotion price $249, UP $428), you can avoid weight gain and achieve effortless toning and sculpting, even while you feast!
Delicious food and drinks always leave us feeling languid - which is perfectly fine as long as you have the uZap Arm and Waist EMS Toning Belts!
Even as you sit back and enjoy each other’s company, you can feel its sculpting effects with Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Technology stimulating muscle contractions. Depending on how heavy the meal is or how lazy you’re feeling, you can choose from 10 different intensity levels to maintain your slim silhouette. Incredibly lightweight and portable, carry it in your bag wherever you go, using it in between meals, as you get ready, or even en route to your next event.
So go ahead and enjoy. You don’t have to hold back on one of the best things about the holidays, especially when you can stay svelte effortlessly!
The Joy Of Xmas Best Buys
Celebrate this Christmas and indulge your loved ones with the gift of beauty, wellness and comfort. Don’t miss out on incredible deals and magical savings this season with these bundles on well being and relaxation essentials starting from $69. Visit your nearest OSIM outlet today!
*Based on 36-mth instalment