9 Best Self-Care Gifts for 2023
Gift the Gift of Well-Being This Festive Season
The festive season is the time to take care of both yourself and your loved ones! With the stress and pressures of festive shopping, hosting parties, frequent travel and more, self-care is ever more important.
From heavenly massage chairs to stocking-sized beauty gadgets, we’ve got 9 of the most thoughtful, practical wellness gifts from OSIM that anyone would love to receive.
1. uDream Pro Well-Being Chair
Imagine if you could escape into a dream destination with a single touch of a button! From Sunset Beach and Nature Bliss to Aurora Night, immerse in a multi-sensory paradise of your choice with the uDream Pro Well-Being Chair.
Its state-of-the-art One Touch to Paradise Program is designed to awaken your 5 senses with a combination of soothing voice guides, relaxing imagery, enchanting 3D Surround Sound, mood lighting, aroma - and of course, OSIM’s signature massage technology.
The world’s first, award-winning, 5-senses well-being chair is probably the “smartest tool in the shed” as it can even help to measure, monitor and manage your stress levels with AI BioSensors. Sounds like a dream? Perhaps!
Promo Price: From $250* per month, based on a 36-month instalment plan.
2. uDiva 3 Plus Smart Sofa
Know someone who enjoys “Netflix & Chill”, a good book or is a proud couch potato? The world’s smartest 1-seater sofa would be a heaven-sent.
Made for work, play and rest, this ergonomic massage chair provides optimal back support for prolonged sitting. A comfortable alternative to your desk, enjoy working on the uDiva 3 Plus with a nifty side table for your tablet, a foot massage and perfect posture guaranteed. 
If it’s been a long day, get ready for a sweet nap. The versatile backrest and convertible footrest allow you to recline into any position and savour a soul-healing head-to-toe massage while slipping into peaceful slumber. 
Best of all, uDiva 3 Plus’ modern yet compact design means it fits into the smallest of spaces! So go ahead, sit back and ease into any of the 6 professional massage programs.
Promo Price: From $75* per month, based on a 36-month instalment plan.
3. The “Glow on the Go” Gift Bundle
Looking for beauty stocking stuffers? Choose any two of these handy devices for only $69*. 
Created for busy beauty divas, the uGlow Mist Portable Facial Humidifier delivers a spritz of fine mist to boost the skin’s moisture and prevent premature signs of aging.  Yet another clever beauty tool that fits in any handbag is the uBrush 2 Handheld Massager - a light and compact hair brush that gently detangles hair, gives a soothing head massage and stimulates oil production for healthier, shinier hair. Alternatively, treat your eyes to the travel-friendly uMask Eye Massager for relaxed muscles, enhanced circulation and eye strain relief!
4. The “Wellness from Within” Gift Bundle
From bioelectrical leg massagers and smart body composition monitors to humidifiers, we could all use these wellness boosters to feel like our best selves. Choose 2 for a bundle price of just $169* and gift them as a set, or keep one for yourself! 
For fitness lovers or those who stand or sit for long hours, try the uPulse Mat EMS Leg Massager which sends bioelectrical pulses through your muscles to reduce pain, improve circulation, and accelerate muscle recovery. Prefer tapping massages instead? The uPamper Lite Handheld Massager delivers ultra-speed deep-tissue tapping for quick pain relief at home, at work or after a tough workout.
If it’s time for a home upgrade, gift your family pure, clean water everyday with the uPure 2 Water Purifier which features a 4-step purification process to effectively remove almost all known bacteria in tap water. For healthier air, the uMist Dream Humidifier creates the ideal humidity levels for better, more comfortable sleep. And for the bathroom, add a uGrace Smart Body Composition Monitor for an accurate, comprehensive analysis of your body composition in a single tap. 
Dreaming of K-Beauty luminous skin? Add on the uGlow Cleanse Facial Cleaning Brush for a smarter way to cleanse. It gently and thoroughly washes oil and dirt away, unclogs pores, and leaves your skin feeling refreshed. Its LED Light Therapy function also helps to stimulate collagen and reduce inflammation too! Even better, go for the 3-in-1 uGlow IonCare Galvanic Facial Device which provides a combination of micro-vibration, heat, as well as positive and negative ions to open pores (Warm), draw out deep skin impurities (Cleanse), and boost absorption of skincare products (Nourish). 
Say hello to brighter, youthful eyes my friends with the uGlow Eye Beauty Eye Massager and uVision 3 Eye Massager! The uGlow Eye helps to reduce wrinkles, eye bags, fine lines and dark circles, while uVision 3 combats digital eye strain with a combination of vibration and warmth to ease tension and invoke deep relaxation. 
5. The “Luxury and Relaxation” Gift Bundle
Need to step up your gift-giving game this year? These options will earn you brownie points for years to come. Pick any two for a bundle price of $249*
Fellow desk warriors, you’re in for a sweet surprise. For those who need solid back support, the uLumbar Back Massager doubles up to soothe back pain with 3 speed intensities and provides supportive comfort for prolonged sitting. You could even tone and sculpt your arms and waist at your desk with the uZap Arm and Waist EMS Toning Belts*. They deliver bioelectrical pulses to stimulate contractions or “exercise” our muscles, plus relieve pain and promote muscle recovery post-workout. The uZap belts are adjustable, wireless and feature long-battery life which makes them the perfect fitness companion.
More into self-care at home? Try the uScalp 2 Waterproof Head Massager for calming massages in the shower. This stylish tool comes with flexible silicone nodes which firmly massages and cleanses the scalp for a healing, satisfying experience. To help you unwind, uMist Aroma Humidifier improves sleep. restores optimal humidity levels and enhances relaxation with aromatherapy. Simply add a few drops of essential oil, adjust the ultrafine mist levels and de-stress! Our favourite feature is the multi-coloured ambient light which creates a peaceful, calming or uplifting atmosphere in your room.
6. uVision Air Eye Massager
This is a miracle worker for the eyes. The uVision Air Eye Massager is designed to target our most frustrating concerns including dark circles, fine lines and dry eyes! 
With airbags strategically positioned at vital acupressure points, it delivers drool-worthy massages. Choose the “soft” mode to gently reduce dark circles and puffy eyes, “medium” to refresh tired eyes, or “hard” to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Lightweight and foldable, you’d most definitely want to bring this beauty secret on the plane with you. 
Frasers Exclusive Deal! uVision Air Eye Massager special price: $169* (U.P $269) 
7. uJolly 2 Smart Full Back Massager
These days, everyone’s a victim to frequent neck, shoulder and/or back pain. Come home to the uJolly 2 Smart for instant pain relief -now featuring extended neck and shoulder coverage, four adjustable massage modes and a warming function for superior relaxation.
Best of all, their NEW Dual Action V Drip Rollers are designed to slide more smoothly along the contours of your body and reach deeper into your muscles for more intense and realistic massages. 
Frasers Exclusive Deal! uJolly 2 Smart Full Back Massager special price: $499* (U.P $599) 
8. uCozy V Neck & Shoulders Massager
The brand-new uCozy V is like having a personal masseuse at home, as it is innovatively engineered to simulate the expert techniques of a professional massage therapist. Indulge in a blissful neck and shoulder massage anytime you want. 
What we really “dig” about it are the Signature V-Grip Massage Technique and 3D rollers both designed to knead out the most stubborn aches, deliver targeted deep tissue relief and relax tense shoulders with more precision. It simulates the kneading hands of a skilled therapist and even has a bonus feature of soothing warmth to elevate tension and stiffness effectively. 
Promo Price: From $179* (U.P $299) 
9. uThrone V Gaming Massage Chair 
If any OSIM innovation were to make the list, this would be it. We’re talking about a superior gaming chair that massages, energises and provides unrivalled comfort all at the same time.
In this game-changing throne, you’ll feel like king in the most epic of quests. Slot in energizing massage sessions to knead away your “battle wounds” such as neck, shoulder and lumbar pain. Or simply take a quick nap to recharge with its 145-degree wide-angle reclining function.
From an auto 15-minute massage for quick tension relief to a DIY massage experience with adjustable shoulder positions, dynamic positions and agile massage techniques, it’s gift-giving game on this season!
Promo Price: From $24* per month, based on a 36-month installment plan.
 *All prices featured are valid till 31 Dec 2023