Sole Mate Goals: Must-Have Shoes For Him & Her

Happy feet, happy peeps!

Just like finding your soul mate in life, finding the perfect footwear is a rare and precious catch. Other than complementing your outfit, a good pair of shoes is like a best friend – it gives your feet adequate comfort and support! How many times have we mistakenly bought footwear that looked cute but turned out to be flimsy or uncomfortable? But, wearing comfortable shoes isn’t just about feeling good. Keeping your feet healthy also improves your overall well-being as the shoes you wear affects how you walk, your posture, and other parts of your body like your back, hips, ankles and knees. So, give your feet a break, and your body a boost! Here are our favourite must-have shoes for you ladies and gentlemen that will do your feet good while hitting the style mark! 


Don’t you just love the athleisure trend? It means that being comfy in your favourite gym gear is totally cool. Plus, with the chunky, 90s-inspired Dad sneakers making a huge comeback, it’s time to shop for a trusty pair of sneakers that’ll liven up your look while keeping your feet snug and happy. They’re perfect for the weekend, for parties or even a long-haul flight!

1. Skechers X One Piece collection

Hit the streets with this quirky pair!

We love how the brand for everyone’s go-to comfort shoes has taken their style up a notch with this line. Their exciting collaboration with the popular Japanese manga is full of fresh, energetic vibes in bold shades and motifs inspired by characters from the comics. Even if you’re not a fan of One Piece, you’d be a convert after trying on these shoes. The sneakers feature an Air-Cooled Memory Foam cushioned insole and a shock absorbing midsole design, so you’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds while making a style statement. 

This collection is available for men and women, priced at $159 each. Visit Skechers, located at Causeway Point, Northpoint City and Waterway Point

2. FILA Venom94 Sneaker

From top: Fila Venom94 for Men and for Women.

These vintage-inspired sneakers pack a ton of fun and laidback vibes that are perfect for a Spring/Summer look. The original shoe was designed in 1994, and 25 years on, its latest revamp comes in a pleasant colour mix you won’t stop gushing about. Its suede, leather and mesh textures also form a sleek exterior while the foam midsole will keep your feet feeling light and bouncy all day. While soft on the inside, it has a hardy, wear-resistant rubber outsole that’ll stick with you even on the toughest days! 

For guys, you can easily match this pair with block-coloured high socks and casual jogger pants or berms. And for ladies, the pastel coloured model would go perfectly with a sundress or a monochrome shift dress for a more formal look! 

FILA is located at Changi City Point

3. Hush Puppies Bounce Max 

Literally put the spring in your step!

Known for their classic and comfortable footwear, Hush Puppies recently launched the Bounce Max shoe that has a super trendy look with design features that make walking feel like a dream. 

With a sleek, sporty exterior, each pair has a Bounce Pod to support your feet’s pressure points, an Advance Foam that provides resiliency and rebound, and a 5-Pod Outsole to guide your feet’s natural movement. The Bounce Max range also comes in a range of designs for men and women – including high-cut sneakers to simple slip-on shoes. So, pick what best suits your style, or get more than one pair for different occasions! 

Hush Puppies is located at Anchorpoint, The Centrepoint, Northpoint City and Causeway Point


We all love having that go-to pair which we won’t have to think twice about slipping on for a weekend errand. And no, we’re not talking about flip flops. Weekends are about chilling out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it in style! These chic and comfy shoes will put the fun back into your off-duty look.

4. SORA Closed-toes Flats with Strap

This nude shade exudes a muted elegance.

At an affordable price, SORA’s shoes feature a stylish, no-frills aesthetic that’s so versatile and timeless, they’ll be your wardrobe staple for a long time. This pair of faux leather flats are really soft and fit snug, with just the right amount of sturdiness to give your foot good support while you’re out running errands or on a coffee date. Pair it with vintage jeans, culottes or a slip dress for an I-woke-up-like-this look. 

Closed toes flat with strap (ACC-80118-SH), $29, available at SORA, located at The Centrepoint

5. Total Contact Sandal from Dr. Kong Healthy Shoes Shop

Get a slight height boost with this casual pair.

If you’ve got feet issues like bunions or flat feet but haven’t been wearing shoes with the right support, it’s time to get that fixed! If not treated well, the misalignment in your feet can hurt your knees, hips and lower back. So, make a trip down to Dr. Kong and get a foot examination for free, while trying on their range of orthotic-friendly shoes. 

For a casual pair with a clean look, check out the Total Contact Sandal, featuring a toe crest, arch support, metatarsal pad (metatarsal is the group of the five long bones in a foot), heel cradle design and soft padding design to redistribute pressure evenly. 

Even if you don’t have any obvious feet problems, these shoes feel so amazing, you may not even want to take them off in the house!

Total Contact Sandal, $159, available at Dr. Kong Healthy Shoes Shop, located at Causeway Point, Changi City Point and Northpoint City


6. SORA Hick strap heeled sandals

Swirly straps to make you swoon!

Ladies, you don’t have to be tottering about in sky-high heels to nail that power look. Sometimes, the best way to stand out is with an understated classiness. That is why we love these low, sling-back heels – they’re comfortable, easy to put on, and look amazing. Plus, they go equally well with a pantsuit or pencil skirt!

Hick strap heeled sandals (ACC-80117-SH), $29, available at SORA, located at The Centrepoint


Most of us would agree that we walk the most when we travel – bustling cities, quirky streets and untouched nature are best explored on foot. So, if you’ve got an upcoming trip, invest in a quality pair of shoes that’ll prime your feet for any adventure, while making you look great in pictures!

7. Men’s Sport Shoes from Dr. Kong Healthy Shoes Shop

While these shoes may look simple, their orthotic-friendly design will make your feet feel super.

Walking for long hours can cause aching feet, plus add extra strain on your knees and ankles – especially if your feet aren’t getting the support they need. These Dr. Kong sport shoes come with varying insoles for different arch supports based on your foot’s needs, as well as a sloped heel to keep the heel upright. The hard heel also helps to counter-stabilise the heel bone and has a firm midsole to support your body weight. So, don’t be surprised if your feet are still feeling strong after miles and miles of exploring! Its simple, sporty design also means you can easily pair it with comfy travel attire like cargo pants or joggers. 

Men’s Sport Shoes, $89 for members/ $119 for non-members (U.P. $159), available at Dr. Kong Healthy Shoes Shop, located at Causeway Point, Changi City Point and Northpoint City.

8.  Timberland® Premium 6″ Waterproof Boots

Ready to take on the world?

If there’s one brand that has defined the rugged-dapper look, it’s Timberland. So, if you’re the sort to seek out exotic adventures, here’s how you can look and feel the part. Timberland’s Premium 6″ Waterproof Boots come in a classic shape and a pleasant yellow that’s timeless and versatile, plus they’ve got plenty of sturdy features to boot! With a PrimaLoft® Insulation that combines a unique blend of ultrafine fibres, your feet will be kept warm and snug even on the coldest winter getaway. These shoes also come with an Anti-fatigue Technology, a unique moulded foam footbed that absorbs shock and returns energy with every step. Plus, since they come in matching models for both men and women, why not get a pair each for yourself and your partner? 

Timberland is located at Changi City Point and Causeway Point

With that, we wish you happy feet that’ll always look good for different occasions!